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18 September 2010 @ 06:16 pm

you know i know i should probably getting on to translating the talk parts in Hey!Say!JUMP 2010 ten jump but uhhhhhhh i'm toooo busy flailing over yama-chan's hotness, chii's adorable-ness, yamachii moments and inoobu moments <333333

forgive me guysssssss :P
Raras, 5nomerodi i don't think i'll getting far in the translations today.....heck i highly doubt i'll start O.o

but it's not my faulttttttt....blame yamachii and inoobu!!!!

well time to go back to my yamachii and inoobu >__<
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25 August 2010 @ 08:51 pm
It's been so long since i posted something :/
school is keeping me busy with homework and swimming.
i love my new school and my teachers are all nice and they're hilarious and swimming i love my team and i'm starting to like the coach that i said i hated so many times XDDD

but anyway.....the day we've been waiting for
Day 9: Your favorite Jpop performance

I really can't find the video of it but Hey!Say!JUMP- Shinku from Shounen Club on Aug. 6th

like this is like my fav song on the album and fav song among all their other songs but despite that i loved like the dance and the costume they were wearing. i just loved everything about it.  and may i add; yama-chan was freakin' hottttttt <33333

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In my individual dual sports class i'm taking for my p.e credit, we've been playing tennis and starting today we had like a tournament thing and like in round one i played and i won!!! ^__^
and i played against this other girl and we're the only 2 girls in the class and my next match will be against one of the guys and they're good.....actually they're not good they have so much power that like the ball is hit way to hard that like it'll hurt if you get hit and i'm kindda scared about that.

and on another note; tomorrow for swimming we're gonna be doing dry-land and i'm actually looking forward to running XDDD
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08 August 2010 @ 11:48 am
It's been a really long time since my last post :P
I've been so busy lately.....with the school year starting soon.

Day 8: A Jpop song you know all the words to

No surprise here but a song i know all the words to is HSJ's Shinku :D
I love this songgggggg......partly cuz yama-chan wrote the lyrics to it XDDD
but i love the lyrics.....it's simple but it's meaningful and the feel of the song.....idk it's hard to explain
i just love this song ♪♪♪
i knew all the words to it the day i heard it <333

The Future is a Big PlaceCollapse )The Future is a Big PlaceCollapse )

I hate sophomores at my schoolCollapse )I hate sophomores at my schoolCollapse )

Idk when's the next time I'll be able to post, but until next time :)

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31 July 2010 @ 03:39 pm
I was planning on posting this around midnight but i fell asleep before i could :P

Day 7: A jpop song that makes you cry

I tried looking for a video of it on youtube but i couldn't find it :(
but anyways a song that never fails to make me cry is Arashi's 5x10
i know it's not a sad song or anything but the fact that arashi wrote it to thank the fans who've supported every step of the way; that just gets to me.
the lyrics is just beautiful and heart warming XDD
you should have seen me when i was watching the Arashi 10th anniversary dvd and they sang 5x10.....i was bawling :P

but it's upsetting i can't find a vid :/

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Starting tomorrow, monday to wednesday i'm gonna be really busy w/ team leader stuff so i might not be able to post. see you guys when i'm back online :)

have a good day everyoneeeee

SHINeeCollapse )SHINeeCollapse )
-life is good :D

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30 July 2010 @ 01:45 am
this whole knighthood team leader for my school is making me a lot busier than i thought it would. but it's funnnnn :D

Day 6: Your favorite jpop song from your favorite group

i love all of arashi's songs so it was hard for me to choose but i finally decided on this.  To Be Free ♪♪♪
i love everything about it....the lyrics, the melody, the feel of the music; everything ♥♥

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The new high school i'll be going to is sooooo sweet. it's a brand new school and it's hugeeeeeeeee!!!! 3 storiesssssss.....the only 3 story building in the county i live in :)) this is my first time actually liking a school and what it looks like :P
and omg the library has a cafe....and we have green house and we have this aerospace program at our school and we're gonna have an actual plane outside the school. the gym is really nice tooooo and inside the gym is another room...the weightlifting room; can't wait to go thereeee it was super niceeeee. so glad i chose varsity atheletics weightlifting as my p.e class

ok well i have a migraine so i'm going to bed~

good night <333
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22 July 2010 @ 11:01 pm

yup i'm still alive :P
it's been like 4, 5 days since i last posted....a lot has been going on and i didn't have time to post.
hopefully i can make time to post though

Day 5: Your favorite jdorama actress

Kitagawa Keiko :D
you can ask anyone but i'm usually not the type to really like actresses or female singers and stuff but idk i just really like her.
Her acting is really awesome. she can go from a shy, clumsy, tender hearted girl in Buzzer Beat to a snobby, rich girl in Tsuki no Koibito.  (wowwwww ^^ is exactly what 
[info]5nomerodi  said) :P
 i started liking her in Taiyou no Umi no Kyoushitsu but then she became my fav actress in Buzzer Beat.

The future is a big placeCollapse )The future is a big placeCollapse )The future is a big placeCollapse )

summer 2010Collapse )summer 2010Collapse )
i'm worn out from being in the sun so long and i have a migraine so good night~

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17 July 2010 @ 11:34 pm

Day 4: Your favorite jdorama actor

Nino~ and Haruma ♥♥♥♥♥♥

i had to choose out of my 3 all time favorite jdorama so i refuse to choose between the 2 today :P
come on it's only fairrrr. haha
i freakin love these tooooo. nino's in my fav group arashi and he's an awesome singer song writer and a genius actor and he's cuteeee and funny. haruma is just freakin perfect....i almost put him in day 2: your ultimate jpop bias until i realized he's not a singer :P but look at his smile ^^ ....it just melts my heart~ XDDD

the future is a big placeCollapse )

i'm going shopping tomorrow with my mom and one of my best friends. and i can't wait....my mom said she'll buy me something. and i'm getting paid for the chores i did today tomorrow too. it's gonna be an awesome day :D
and we're getting yoga berry too....maybe i'll try a green tea yogurt with strawberry and kiwi :P since
[info]5nomerodi  says it's good. lol

i found this pretty picture on photobucket ♪♪
i wonder....is that france??

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16 July 2010 @ 10:54 pm

Day 3: Your favorite jdorama

Himitsu no Hanzona :)

I was stuck for the longest time between 3 doramas; ^^, yamada tarou monogatari and bloody monday season 2.
And after much debating and with "help" from
[info]5nomerodi , i decided i loved ^^ the best.

The cast was just amazing and the story was just omg awesome and cute.
and hongo kanata was just the cutest thing everrrr ♥♥♥ i mean come on the name of his character is even cute...hinata. how can you not go awwwww :))

what the future holdsCollapse )

i got to go swimming today and there was this really hott lifeguard that actually talked to me :D
i'm gonna go back just to see him....hahahaha NOT. I will go back but to swim again

and today i also watched yesterday vs arashi and mote arashi dame arashi
it was amazingggggg.....favorite episode yet probably.
nino and matsujun was just so cuteeee and funnyyyyy in vs arashi and in mote arashi dame arashi

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16 July 2010 @ 12:10 am

I didn't make it  in time to post day 2 of my 30 day Jpop meme cuz it's already a new day here but i'm posting anyway :P
My computer stopped working and so i had no internet for a while but my kpop shows kept me busy :)  Especially this particular episode of star king...the one from 12-26-09; of course SHINee were on it.  and can i just say Taemin was omg soooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and gorgeoussssssssss <333

ok before i get a nose bleed

Day 2: Your ultimate Jpop bias

This shouldn't surprise anyone XD

Yamachii ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥                             Yabu ♪♪♪♪♪♪                           Yuya <33333333
Anyone who's talked to me especially
[info]5nomerodi , [info]moon_kaka , [info]smackdelugexz and [info]lolitakissu now how crazy these 4 can make me.

Yamachii are just my everything, they're so cuteeeee together....they're secret lovers i bet.
Yabu he's just so warmmmmm and he's hottttt
Yuya that bad boy image he's trying to portray...not working. It just makes him even cuter...or should i say hot.
And their singing is just amazingggggg >__<
And they look so handsome when they're dancing...but in Chii's case, he looks ah-dorableeee

What the future holdsCollapse )


star king 091226Collapse )

Today was a gloomy day outside and I couldn't go to the pool to swim laps but still a good day ^__^

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14 July 2010 @ 06:25 pm

I said i was gonna make a comeback...and what better way to do it then the 30 day Jpop meme :)

stolen from Raras5nomerodi 
who said i should do it too :P

Day 1: Your favorite Jpop group

A lot of people probably would have expected me to say Hey!Say!JUMP, except for maybe 5nomerodi because i told her but Arashi are my favorite Jpop group.  don't get me wrong Hey!Say!JUMP is awesome too and i totally love themmmmmm but Arashi is just idk...they're just Arashi XDDD

memeCollapse )

It raining here in the hell hole i call home.  Sorry for my language; first time ever saying that word D:

but anyway, I was having a totally awesome day; i made a new friendchulliechullie and totally amazing talking about how gorgeous and pretty and cute and talented and awesome taemin and key is <333 and lolitakissu totally made me smile with her twitter post towards me about teen top XDDD and finally 5nomerodi was just downright amazing and a lot of fun.  But then I wanted to go to the pool so i was walking there and the stupid spriklers were on and I couldn't get in the athletic center unless i ran through it and i was running and I didn't see another sprinkler in front of me and it splashes me square in the eye (let me tell you sewage water in the eye= painful) and on top of that I'm like right there, the pools right in front of me and i see a flash of lightning and it thunders the next second and the lifeguards closes the pool.  Like seriously really...come on now...how does that work :(

One more thing I love my SHINee banner Raras <3333

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